CCFARMS Fundraising             

Contact: Melissa Moss

office (613) 893-0206

All Spots are FULL for the 2022 Season!

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all of us! Our fundraising method has minimal (if any) contact with you/your customers. Delivery will be conducted the same as previous years. Our driver will deliver all your items to the predetermined location, once the driver has unloaded the truck, a representaive from your organization will verify the quantity of products and the driver leaves with either cash, cheque or email money transfer. Then sit back and supervise your 'customers' picking up their product! Easy, simple and contact free!

Holiday (Christmas) Fundraisng is underway. Click here!

We are running as per normal for 2022! If you are looking for some serious fundraising for your organization, you have come to the right place.  We have been doing fundraising for local hockey team, gynastics clubs, school, businesses and much more for over 20 years. And best of all there are no minimum orders and zero risk of losing profit! Check out the products page for more informaiton.


Everyone wants to know how much money they can expect to make......its a great question and the answer is quite simple.  If you and your organization put the effort in you can expect to make in excess of $1000 upwards of $6000 (several teams made in excess of $6000 in profits in 2021) or even more.  On average you will make $5-$15 for every item that you sell.  So if you have a team with 30 players and they all sell only 4 items each, that profit is $1000-$1400, we have teams that some players will sell 20+ items, so the effort really pays off.

Profit Strategies

  • Some teams have used a strategy that really seems to work for them.  For example. Your students are going to a tournament that cost each student $100 each.  You send a notice advising parents of the cost and that you are selling planters with a profit of $10 for each one sold.  You advise the parents for every planter they sell, their cost is reduced by $10, so if they sell 10, their trip is free. (if they sell 6, they send $40 to cover the remainder of their trip). If they sell even more than 10, they can "share" that profit with another student or a member who would normally not be able to afford such a trip. 

         18" Holiday Wreath